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Papers/Materials by R. J. Robbins

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Computational Biology

1992: Challenges in the Human Genome Project (99,604 bytes; 23 pages)

reprint of original paper that appeared in IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, March 1992, pages 25-34.

1994: Biological Databases: A New Scientific Literature (285,965 bytes; 26 pages)

text of presentation first given as the keynote address to the 37th Annual Meeting of the Council of Biology Editors,San Diego, California, 8-11 May 1993, later published in Publishing Research Quarterly, Spring 1994, pages 3-27.

1994: Representing Genomic Maps in a Relational Database (152,208 bytes; 19 pages; 8 figures)

reprint of an original paper that appeared in: Suhai, Sandor [ed.]. 1994. Computational Methods in Genome Research, New York: Plenum Press [ISBN: 0-306-44712-6].

1995: An Information Infrastructure for the Human Genome Project (188,057 bytes; 33 pages)

preprint of original paper that appeared as Robbins, R. J. 1995. Information infrastructure. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 14(6): 746-759.

1995: Comparative Genomics: A New Integrative Biology (444,237 bytes; 34 pages)

preprint of original paper based on a presentation at the First International Workshop on Integrative Approaches to Molecular Biology, held in Cuernavaca, Mexico on 20-24 February 1994. [The main file includes the figures, but they are also available separately in their own file (451,093 bytes; 11 figures).]

1995: Informatics and the Human Genome Project (74,285 bytes; 17 pages)

preprint of original paper (co-authored with David Benton and Jay Snoddy) that appeared as Robbins, R. J., Benton, D., and J. Snoddy. 1995. Informatics and the human genome project. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology. 14(6): 694-701.

Workshop Reports

1994: Data Management for Herbarium Collections (# bytes; ?? pages)

report not currently available

1994: Genome Informatics I: Community Databases (465,679 bytes; 38 pages)

Report of a workshop convened by the US Department of Energy to provide informatics advice to the Human Genome Project. Originally published as Robbins, R. J. 1994. Genome Informatics I: Community Databases. Journal of Computational Biology, 3:173-190.

Science Policy

1994: BioInformatics: Essential Infrastructure for Global Biology (109,804 bytes; 21 pages)

A special report prepared for consideration by the Organization for Economic Coordination and Development (OECD), Paris, France

Slide Presentations

These are slide sets that were used during specific talks. The slides are as they were presented and no effort is made to update their content. There is a fair amount of redundancy in the content of the different presentations, as many deal with similar problems, presented for different audiences.

2005: Multi-Institution Collaborative Computing: What does it really take? (1,148,102 bytes; 145 slides)

BRIITE Semi-annual Meeting, 2 - 4 Nov, 2005. Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA.

2005: IT operations: Making IT work in a profoundly heterogeneous environment (447,944 bytes; 97 slides)

BRIITE Semi-annual Meeting, 27 - 29 Apr, 2005. MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX.

2004: Strategic Planning for IT Support of Grant-funded Research, II: Where are we now and where should we be going? (582,046 bytes; 121 slides)

BRIITE Semi-annual Meeting, 22 - 24 Sep, 2004. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA.

1998: Leadership by Example: Biomedical and genome Informatics (481,690 bytes; 98 slides)

AAAS annual Meeting, 17 - 22 Feb, 2000. Washington, DC.

1998: Economic Impact of Bioinformatics (3,072,440 bytes; 120 slides)

ATCC Bioinformatics Symposium, 6 November 1998. Bethesda, Maryland.

1998: Information, Logistics, and 21st Century Research (2,323,492 bytes; 139 slides)

Cancer Centers Administrators Forum, 12 October 1998. Portland, Oregon.

1998: Information Technology: The Foundation for 21st Century Research (723,821 bytes; 138 slides)

Keynote Address, Self Graduate Fellowship Retreat, 16-18 August 1998. Kansas City, Missouri.

1998: What is Biological Informatics? (1,392,640 bytes; 96 slides)

Keynote Address, Australian National Academy of Sciences Conference on Biological Informatics, 6-8 July 1998. Canberra, Australia.

1997: Next Steps for Working Scientists: Access to Data (532,262 bytes; 104 slides)

CODATA Conference on Scientific and Technical Data Exchange and Integration, 15-17 December 1997. Bethesda, Maryland

1997: 21st Century Biology: Informatics in the Post-Genome Era. (1,831,070 bytes; 128 slides)

The Pfizer Inc.- Olga G. Nalbandov / Beckman Institute Symposium on Bioinformatics, Structure, and Function, 29 May - 1 June 1997. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

1996: Information Management: The Key to the Human Genome Project (907,560 bytes; 122 slides)

Current Topics in Health Science Librarianship, 27 June 1996. Johns Hopkins University.

1995: Genome Informatics, the Sine Qua Non of Genomic Research (69,777 bytes; 16 pages)

Fourth International Conference on Bioinformatics & Genome Research, 5-7 June 1995, San Francisco, California.

1994: Towards a Federated Information Infrastructure for Biology: Electronic Publishing on the Global Information Highway (1,779,851 bytes; 36 pages)

Special Seminar: School of Library and Information Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1 November 1994.

1994: Computer Applications in Biology: New Tools, New Insights, New Science (1,779,851 bytes; 68 transparencies - 8.5 x 11 format)

Special Seminar: Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, 15 April 1994.


These are individual slides that summarize particular sets of data. Some effort is made to keep the data in the slides current. The date before the title is the date of last update.

June 1995: Growth of GenBank (332,694 bytes; 1 page)

bar graph showing the content of GenBank (in numbers of base pairs) for every release from Release 1 through Release 88.

June 1995: WWW Traffic on Internet (# bytes; 1 page)

material not currently available

Course Material

These files contain material used in the instruction of a short course on computational biology, offered in the Computer Science Department at Johns Hopkins University.

Course Syllabus (45,507 bytes; 7 pages)

just that.

Molecular Biology Fundamentals (1,355,574 bytes; 26 pages)

overhead transparencies presenting some basic concepts in molecular biology.

DNA as a Mass Storage Device (310,576 bytes; 22 pages)

overhead transparencies presenting DNA in its role as a biological mass storage device.

Database Fundamentals (219,528 bytes; 31 pages)

overhead transparencies discussing some fundamental aspects of database theory and design.

Animal Behavior

These files contain papers dealing with taste-aversion learning, an interesting phenomenon in animal behavior.

Taste-Aversion Learning and its Implications for Rodent Control (318,464 bytes; 9 pages)

Published in Clark, J. P., and Marsh, R. [Eds]. 1980. Proceedings of the 9th Vertebrate Pest Conference. pp 114–121



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